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Fri, Sep 16, 2011
By Peter ZelaskoWarrior is the story of an estranged family in need of forgiveness and healing and seeks it through a battle of wills inside and out of the ring. Nick Nolte plays Paddy Conlon in a keen characterization of a Vietnam vet and boxer-turned-steel mill worker whose alcoholism tears his family apart. Paddy sobered up, only to find that he had destroyed everything good around him. His wife has run off, taking his favorite son Tommy (an angsty Tom Hardy). His oldest son Brendan (Joel Edgerton) stays with his father for the love of his now wife, Tess (Jennifer Morrison), though he refuses to forgive or speak to his father for ripping his family apart. In the opening scene Paddy’s youngest son Tommy shows up drunk on his father’s doorstep after a questionable departure from the Marines. Tommy wants to use his father as a trainer while refusing to speak about his murky past and exit from the military, nor acknowledging any existence of their relationship as father and son. The reappearance of his youngest son renews Paddy's hopes for getting his family back together. He wants to renew his relationship with both of his sons, but is repeatedly rejected [...]
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Tue, Aug 02, 2011
By Marianne PalusoUnconventional, visually breathtaking, solemn, and thought provoking are just a few of the words that describe director Terrence Malick’s minimalistic and yet grandiose film “The Tree of Life.” Rather than employing a traditional plot driven narrative, “The Tree of Life” follows a modest Texas family’s lives- the intimate and simple moments of three young boys, their overbearing but ultimately loving father (Brad Pitt in some of his best work), and their angelic and graceful mother (ethereal Jessica Chastain). Utilizing very little dialogue, we watch the children grow and learn about life, for that is what the film is truly about. It is about Life and all it encompasses- the origins of creation, our faith and spiritually and our connection to the earth. Ultimately, Malick presents the concept of Nature versus Grace and how we all must choose between the two. Or must we? Shifting back and forth in vastly different time periods, the film begins in a somewhat disjointed fashion as we see our family later on in life grieving the loss of one son, and then we go back, way back, to the creation of the earth. For nearly 20 minutes we are visually stimulated with images of [...]
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